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A very useful Guideline to win an international scholarship across the world_2019

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A very useful Guideline to win international scholarships across the world_2019

This international scholarship Guide is very useful for the students applying for the scholarships to win international scholarships.

Please follow the guideline to win international scholarship across the world.

The presentation includes the following key discussions.

  • Scholarships in South Korea
  • Research CV
  • Cover Letter/ Email
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
  • Scholarships in Italy
  • Final Year Projects
  • Questions

Here are few important points you need to remember before applying

Important Points to win international scholarships

• Just introduce yourself a little

• Not big explanations /motivations •

Do mention that you have read his research papers by mentioning some specific reserch paper which you understand fully

• You can give suggestion if you have some good suggestion about its improvement in few lines


• You can relate from your previous work his resecrh paper that you have some ideas relating to it in few lines

• Write always technically

• Avoid Casual language

• Subject of Email

• Do not ask about weather/health

• Know the Culture

• Flatter/beg

• Be precise

If you receive a reply from Professor, please follow these points to 

• Now wait for professor reply after sending CV , cover letter

• If yes, then you can pursue with asking about fundings, etc

• If not, then try another professor

• Keep on trying. Do not get disappointed

• You can call them also

• Speak the English slowly

Here is the list of famous korean Universities 

• KAIST( Korea Advanced Institute of Sciences and Technology)

• SNU(Seoul National University)

  • Sungkyunkwan University

• Hanyang University

• Korea University

• Kyunghee University



Conditions which increase your Chances to Win international scholarships

• Published research paper

• Good CGPA

• If you have not good CGPA, and have publication

• If not good CGPA but you have good control over subjects/skills/experience, which is relevant to professor interests whom you are applying

• Trying again and again

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Scholarship Guideline

We say thanks to Brother Waqar baig for the nice presentation.


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