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Keys to Achieve Greater Motivation in the Study

Written by Lara Hawkins

Keys to Achieve Greater Motivation in the Study

What do you feel when you put yourself in front of your notes? Sometimes you are doing your best but you are not at all meeting up your goals and targets which is why you get way demotivated and disappointed. That’s why motivation is so important in studies; it is the only way that the time you dedicate to memorize and prepare a subject, your next exam or the end-of-course work gives good results.

The motivation is that inner state that activates you and causes your behavior to be directed towards those goals that you have marked yourself. It is the force that moves you to face your notes and stay alert during your study time, it is the energy that guides your behavior.

The first thing you have to be aware of is that this act of study will have a consequence when you reach your goals. They can be different depending on what you are studying for: passing an exam with which you will have your degree, passing an opposition that takes you to a job, passing an entrance exam to study the career of your dreams … You yourself must find that last goal that moves you to study.

The time will come to put yourself to it, to start putting everything into practice and to achieve it. During the process, you should analyze if you are doing well and correcting behaviors that may be detrimental to your productivity.

And when the desired success arrives, it will play enjoying what has been achieved.

Tips for Greater Motivation in the study

  • Change your perspective

Sometimes, our own thoughts are our worst enemies. It is true that sometimes there are subjects that do not arouse any interest; what you have to do is be aware of the importance they have for your general knowledge and for your development. Think, for example, that quantitative courses are the basis of business, science and economics, and although you do not like to study it now. But you will be motivated when you consider that it ensures you understand several operational and monetary segments of business administration.

  • Go deeper into the topics that you like the most

Although at the time of putting you to study you have to pass all the subjects, surely there is one that you like more and that you get better. Why do not you try to focus on that and become a kind of “expert”? You can start writing a blog about it and conduct more in-depth research; this will make you get more involved and enjoy what you are passionate about. Of course, without losing sight of the issues that you like the least. Think that they are equally important for the development of your career.

  • The rewards can be motivating

If you are facing a large study project in which you have to memorize a lot of information and you do not find the motivation to start, divide the whole process into smaller steps. And make each of them a goal in itself, while taking into account the final overall objective. When you go fulfilling those small milestones give yourself a reward. I always tell you: it does not need to be great things, it can be enough with a few minutes of rest when you finish, eat some trinkets or see a chapter of your favorite series. When you enjoy your prize you will find the motivation to continue studying.

  • Seek support around you

Do not be discouraged if you feel that your family or your friends are not a sufficient stimulus for your study. That does not mean they do not care, but maybe they are absorbed in their own stories. Seek the support of your teacher, the tutor, or you can also join a student forum to find there the motivation you lack.

Motivation creates productive students

Motivation and productivity walk hand in hand. A motivated student will end up being a productive student, since that desire, interest and predisposition to study will force you to find the best tools in terms of how to properly manage your time and, thus, the overall performance for satisfactory outcomes.

Motivation is key in learning and considered to be a determining factor for academic success. If you are motivated you will learn more quickly and, above all, in a more effective way. Think about it. When you are motivated you have that disposition to put yourself to study and the necessary energy to be constant in that effort. Motivation is a force that moves you to carry out a certain task and makes it easier to achieve those goals.

You must have the necessary stimuli to guide your behavior towards that greater productivity. Never lose the desire to learn or curiosity, or stop recognizing the importance of everything you have in hand. Both for your immediate academic future and for your personal development.


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