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Ph.D. open position related to “Study of Porcelain Insulator 154 lifetime” at SKKU South Korea

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Ph.D. open position related to “Study of Porcelain Insulator 154 lifetime”   at Sungkyunkwan University South Korea


A well-known research group of “College of Information and Communications Engineering” at “Sungkyunkwan University Natural Sciences Campus (South Korea)” is seeking one energetic and talented international Ph.D. applicant.

Applicant should have MS or M.Phil degree in Material Science, Physics or Engineering (Material, Mechanical, Safety) with specific knowledge of insulator. Applicant should also have strong knowledge of SCI paper publication.

The successful applicant will join a vibrant team of researchers that are now involved in various research areas, like semiconductor devices and study of porcelain insulator. The applicant will work on the recently added area “an ultrasonic field”, and to analyze the interface of the porcelain insulator 154. This project is funded by Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) South Korea. Currently, specialists in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and safety engineering are conducting research in this area.


Monthly stipend of 700,000 Kwon per month will be paid that can be increased upon better performance.

ICDL Laboratory will pay the Admission fee (100 $) and first-time air ticket to successful students from Pakistan to South Korea.

Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to submit their research CV and letter of motivation to Prof. Junsin Yi ( and cc to Mr. Qamar ( Sungkyunkwan University Natural Sciences Campus (South Korea).


Name of Research Group: Information and communication devices Laboratory (ICDL)

Research Group Leader: Prof. Junsin Yi

Sungkyunkwan University website:

Group website: http:/

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