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The Montessori Education System and the Desire to Learn

Written by Lara Hawkins

The Montessori Education System and the Desire to Learn

Maria Montessori faithfully believed that children were the hope of humanity, which could only be rebuilt on the basis of a new school, and therefore a new method. This method had as its objective (against the traditional) “to cultivate in children the desire to learn”. It is because of the aforementioned that the method is a means that helps the children in taking their own direction. Thus, through activities that will help the children to form their own image, their self-esteem, and confidence so that they themselves manage to solve problems and changes in which they are immersed. Nevertheless, the truth is that despite being a centennial pedagogy was never as current as today. It is enough to observe the success of the recommended courses and materials based on Montessori of Learning through the manipulation and an eminently practical methodology based on the experimentation.
However, the participation of a teacher named “guide” will only be necessary to intervene in the relationships between children. In addition, its function is to observe and properly guide the children to the activities that must be fulfilled in the day, stimulating the interests of the children, because they are the ones who must “choose” to learn. Therefore, the bases or characteristics of the method may be that:

• The child will be an active student in the Teaching-Learning Process;
• The teacher will be the “guide” in the educational field;
• The environment: should promote internal self-discipline;
• Teaching is personalized, as it adapts to the student;
• Due to the didactic material, the students form their own concepts;
• The speed of learning depends on the child

On the other hand, the method is based on the freedom that each child must exercise with the order, concentration, and silence. As such, the limits and rules are properly explained to children from the beginning. It is for the same reason, that this method does not seek the competitiveness among the children, but the respect and help between them since there is feedback between the same children because an older child can help another minor. In addition, in this method no matter how many times an activity is repeated, as long as it is completely understood by the child. Likewise, it can be mentioned that essay writing service the educational environment must be very well structured, in order to promote the free development of the child.

Keeping in mind that the ultimate purpose of the child is independence, as parents we can adapt our home to facilitate that gradual acquisition of the skills that will help achieve that independence. Each child is born with an “inner guide” and we must seek to provide opportunities to choose, act, think and express without obligation or domination.

To create a Montessori environment it is necessary to apply the fundamental principles: order, aesthetics, interest, and objective. The method requires a prepared environment, a trained adult, and social support. It is recommended that parents prepare the environment, taking into account the true needs of the child and allowing him to be autonomous, participate in cooking, cleaning, take responsibility for his own things and carry out the activities at his own pace.

Find possibilities to offer your child the freedom to choose, real and relevant choices. Provide our children with the time that allows them to concentrate on their chosen activity without being interrupted or disturbed. Even the most insignificant actions can be of great relevance in its internal development and it is necessary to allow the necessary time to concentrate on the activity until it ends. Organize the house taking into account the “sensitive periods”. When you are given the children the means to learn during these sensitive periods, they have the possibility to acquire these skills with little effort and this learning will lay the foundation for future learning in their lives.

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