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How to Get fully-funded Scholarships in Canada

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How to Get fully-funded Scholarships in Canada

There are many people that would love to study in Canada. However, there is one thing that hinders them from studying abroad: money. So, how do you receive admissions from universities in Canada and receive scholarships? In this article, I will discuss the step-by-step process on how you can get scholarships in Canada. So, read this guide carefully and follow all these steps. If you do, you will have a much better chance of receiving a scholarship in Canada.


1. Prepare Your Application Months (or Years) in Advance

This first step is the most important step of receiving a scholarship. Why? Because you will need to have excellent application to receive a scholarship. If you have months or years of time before you are applying for scholarships, good for you. The more preparation that you have, the better the chances of your getting a scholarship. So, what parts of your application that you should focus on?



If you didn’t know already, TOEFL and IELTS are English proficiency exams. You definitely need a high score on these exams to receive a scholarship. Suggested scores are 100 on TOEFL iBT or 7 on IELTS. If you can receive a higher score on these, great! You will have a much better chance of receiving a scholarship.



While you are still at school, focus on your grades. This is probably the most critical part of your application. High GPA shows the school that you are a dedicated student who is going to put in the work after you have been accepted. So, strive to have high GPA while you are at school!


Research Experience (Graduates)

Research experience is excellent if you want to receive scholarships. If you are currently in college, ask different professors within your department to include you in his/her lab. It would be great if you can receive payment for your work, but even if you don’t receive a payment, it is still a great opportunity! So, ask your professors around and get that research experience!


2. Search for Scholarships

The next thing to do after you have prepared the critical things for your application is to search for scholarships. There are hundreds and thousands of scholarships for international students. So, where can you find them?

Here are the sources for scholarship information to consider:

Make sure to check these sources to find all the scholarships available for international students!


3. Make a Table

After you have gathered the scholarship information, it’s time for you to make a table. This table should contain the name of the university, scholarship award amount, scholarship deadline, and required materials. By organizing different scholarships into a table, you can prioritize different scholarships according to deadlines. So, find those scholarships and make a table!


4. Prepare your application

The next step is to prepare your application. Since you have made a table, you can see the required documents for each scholarship. So, start filling out the application forms and gather your required documents. Once you have finished preparing, make sure to double-check! Double-checking helps you to eliminate errors in your applications such as grammar or spelling errors in your essays. Once you have filled the application, apply!


If you follow these steps, you will have a greater chance of receiving a scholarship. I want to emphasize that step number 1 is the most important step of all of these. Your preparation for scholarships starts NOW! So, study hard, get good scores on TOEFL and IELTS, and search for research positions!


We wish you best of Luck for your bright future




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