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6 Tips to Encourage Students to Study through Smartphones

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6 Tips to Encourage Students to Study through Smartphones

While in the past, smartphones had a bad reputation when it came to schools and children’s education, nowadays, as technology is progressing, they are starting to gain ground and become really helpful. Modern education has to embrace technology and together they will be able to produce a great outcome for the students.
There are many ways for students to use their phones in order to help them study. Since most of the time they will have their smartphones with them anyways, it can be extremely helpful to teach them some ways to use them in order to learn some new things too. Here are some tips to help you learn more on how to achieve that.

  1. Use educational apps
    The very first thing that can be encouraging for students is to try and use some of the many great apps there are out there. No matter what they wish to study for or learn, there will always be a great app which can help break down the material and allow them to study it without a problem.
    Here are some of the best apps you can find, for many different subjects:
    • Learning or practicing a language
    Duolingo and Memrise are both great apps for learning new languages. Both can be used free of charge and they offer an amazing selection of exercises which can help you learn a new language very quickly and in a truly entertaining way.
    • Studying geography
    If you’re struggling to keep up with Geography, the best app you can use and keep learning wherever you are has to be World geography. This app is great for beginners and really has a lot to teach you. You can learn about many things regarding countries all around the world, gain experience points and level up to unlock even more content.
    • Learning about history
    If history is kind of a tough subject for you, there is an app which can truly help you change the way you learnt history so far. Khan academy offers courses for a very large selection of subjects but the history courses they offer are particularly interesting and very useful for anyone who is interesting in learning.
    • Oxford dictionary
    Another great was to use the smartphone for your studying needs is to have it in handy whenever you need to use the dictionary for any word meaning you might need. Oxford dictionary is a great and free tool you can use at all times.
  2. Organize your studying
    A reason why many students fail to stay concentrated is because they can’t organize their time or the things they need to do. Smartphones can truly help with that by providing them with ways to organize their studying and materials and go through them in a much more interesting way.
    Apps such as myHomework Student Planner can help you plan out everything you need, from your classes, to your subjects and homework in order to keep everything under control. Another great tool you can use in order to organize your notes and schedule through your smartphone is Evernote. Through this app, you will be able to take pictures of your notes, voice memos and have many other ways to organize your notes and study with a little more ease.
  3. Watch online videos
    One of the best ways to use a smartphone to study is to watch educational videos on it. ΠProbably the best platform for this purpose is YouTube. While not every single video will be helpful or based on proper research, you will truly be able to find the best educational channels which follow all types of subjects.
    Learning through watching videos can help you memorize materials better and on top of that, you will not have to carry books with you in order to learn. You can even use Khan Academy for more subjects that just history and study every subject you are looking for, no matter where you are from the comfort of your smartphone.
  4. Practice your writing skills
    Studying doesn’t just have to mean memorizing. When it comes to doing your assignments, there are all sorts of things you can try and do through your smartphone in order to improve your skills. Practicing your writing can be very easy if you find the right tools to do so. Online platforms such as RewardedEssays, HotEssayService and SupremeDissertations can help you come in contact with professional writers who will be able to solve your questions and help you out with anything you might not understand.
    You can always go through reviews of various tools and online communities and see in which ways they can help you out. GrabMyEssay and RatedByStudents is a great service which can help you go through the most popular writing tools and decide if you could use the help of any.
    Another thing you could do through your smartphone regarding your homework is learn about citations and how to add them to your papers. A great tool to use in order to learn how to do this is Citatior. This free tool can help you complete your bibliography without having to worry about it while finishing your assignment and it can make your studying process a lot easier.
    Lastly, if you’re studying a different language and wish to find a good way to correct your writing mistakes easily, you can use an online tool to do so. For English, you can use trusty old Hemingway Editor App, and for any other language you can use IsAccurate in order to find the right service for the language you need.
  5. Listen to podcasts
    Many students will probably be new to podcasts as they don’t get as much attention as YouTube videos. In reality though, they can be very educational and also fun to listen to. They are also very easy to listen to wherever you are, just like audiobooks and you will be able to simply use an app and have them everywhere with you.
  6. Team studying through the phone
    If you wish to find a way of studying which involves your group of friends, your smartphones can be the best tools for this. A simple way to go about this is to use Face Time or Skype in order to connect with one another and be able to share notes and organize your homework and assignments you have to do together.
    Studying can become a lot easier through your smartphone’s screen
    Even if you might not think of your phone as a way of learning new things and educating yourself, you will be surprised to know that there are many things it can offer you in regards to your education. Not only will you be able to organize your studying and keep a schedule but you will also be able to finish your assignments and keep in touch with your friends on all the assignments you might be working on together.
    Smartphones are easy to use and easy to carry so you will always have the materials you need with you. This will allow you to study wherever you are and always look up information when you need it. Your phone is here to offer you an innovative and fun way to study and get everything done with much less effort, so give it a try and see how it works out for you and your studying needs.

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