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Useful suggestions for PhD students to focus on their research_2019

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>> Must Read For PhD Students ðŸ™‚ <<

Twenty things I wish I’d known when I started PhD

1. Maintain a healthy work-life balance

2. Discuss expectations with your supervisor.

3. Invest time in literature reviews.

4. Decide on your goals early.

5. Write down everything you do — even if it doesn’t work.

6. Organize your work and workspace.

7. It’s never too early to start writing your thesis.

8. Break your thesis down into SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals.

9. The best thesis is a finished thesis. Send your drafts to your supervisor sooner rather than later.

10. Be honest with your supervisor.

11. Back up your work! You can avoid many tears by doing this at least weekly.

12. Socialize with your lab group and other students.

13. Attend departmental seminars and lab-group meetings. Regular attendance will also be noticed.

14. Presenting your research work can be scary, but it gets easier as you practice.

15. Aim to publish your research. It might not work out, but drafting articles and submitting them to journals is a great way to learn new skills and enhance your CV.

16. Have a life outside of work.

17. Don’t compare yourself with others.

18. The nature of research means that things will not always go according to plan.

19. Never struggle on your own. Talk to other students and have frank discussions with your supervisor.

20. Enjoy your Ph.D.! It can be tough, and there will be days when you wish you had a ‘normal’ job, but PhDs are full of wonderful experiences and give you the opportunity to work on something that fascinates you. Celebrate your successes and enjoy yourself.

Thanks to Muhammad Sajjad Ashfaq for sharing very useful suggestions.

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