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Writing An Academic Essay Is Very Demanding Especially When It Is Necessary To Do It In English_2019

Written by Lara Hawkins


The academic essays, in fact, require a Particular modality of writing and a very different language from Elaborated That Used daily.

If you are planning to obtain an English language certification or to attend an English language school abroad to or pursued as an international academic career, you will need to be able to write essays in English.

To begin with, simply follow These 7 simple rules.

1. Make your statements irrefutable by using the word indeed

Indeed (in fact) is one of the terms That OCCURS most frequently Within the academic essays Because, When Placed at the beginning of the sentence, Indicates That You are 100% sure of what you are affirming, I know no one can question the veracity of Their statements.

2. Report counter arguments in support of your thesis

When writing an essay, regardless of the subject matter, it is always good to bring back arguments against one’s own, to show the validity of one’s point of view. The best way to do this is to use the term nonetheless (However), placing it at the beginning of the sentence.

3. Support your thesis by other people’s opinions

To validate one’s thesis it can be really useful to bring opinions of other researchers or what is reported in different essays. Concur (to agree) is the verb to be used In These cases, as it serves to express their consent or the sharing of a point of view of others.

4. Organize your ideas

When you expose your ideas and want to add new information to those previously exposed within the text, it is Advisable to use the term furthermore (moreover), in this way you will not run the risk of being boring or too repetitive.

5. Show the evidence of what you said

At the end of their arguments it is very important to show the evidence of What Has Been said. In These cases it is preferable to use thus, a short but very elegant term, whose meaning is “as a result of” or “due to this”, especially in the concluding part of the essay.

6. Reporting the presence of anomalies

During the essay writing  it could happen that you are facing an anomaly that is something different from what was previously stated. It is always good to communicate tothe reader the presence of anomalies; for example if you are reporting a seriesof data and a parameter is different from the others, it should be highlighted.

7. Describe the methodology used

At the beginning or at the end of the essay it is good practice to describe the approach used to observe the object of study of one’s own work and for the organization of one’s own ideas. In this case, the most appropriate term is English methodology, i.e. methodology.

If you want to improve your English and better prepare yourself before embarking on a course of study or an international career, attend an English course abroad.

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