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The impact of technology on education_2019

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Assessing the impact of the use of technology in education and how it affects the learning of students in schools is not an easy task. Since the advent of the internet and new technologies,there has been a real technological revolution in the classroom. Where before the pencil, paper and books were the main protagonists, computers, tablets and interactive technologies are gaining ground every day.

Advantages of the use of technology in education according to teachers

A study carried out by Samsung in 2016 on the use of technology in the classroom, shows interesting conclusions about the benefits that the use of technology in education can have in schools. One of the simplest examples is the emergence of many cheap essay writing services.

84% of the respondents perceive an increase in the creativity and reasoning ability of their students, an improvement of their competence in transversal skills and an increase in the autonomy of the students when it comes to learning. 74% of the participating teachers consider that the growing familiarization with ICTs helps students learn to make responsible use of new technologies. 92% also consider that the use of new technologies in the classroom improves the technical skills of the students, preparing them to function more fluently in an increasingly technological world.

It is common opinion that students are more collaborative among them (82%), show greater effort to learn (79%) and understand the contents taught more easily (74%), thanks to the use of new technologies. And 75% also perceive an improvement in the general climate of the classroom.

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So three out of four teachers (77%) believe that the “digital backpack” for learning, replace books by digital lessons that can be accessed through a computer or tablet already adopted by many educational institutions, is extremely interesting

Some other advantages of the introduction of technology in the classroom are:

– They allow a more interactive and participatory learning, favoring collaborative work in the classrooms.
– It opens the possibility of learning from a distance and in different contexts.
– It allows a greater flexibility of schedules.
– It enables students to maintain a more personalized rhythm to their needs.
– It is more easily adaptable to students with special needs.

Challenges implied by the use of technology in education

Although technology can have a very positive impact if it is used correctly in schools, the implementation of its use brings with it some challenges that they have to face. Such an important transformation has meant that from a learning based on memory, we have passed to a learning based on the capacities to search, analyze and interpret the information correctly and that translates into some new needs:

– The need to provide quality training to teachers so they can take advantage of technological resources and incorporate them into their classes.
– The importance of the educational center having an internet connection good enough to be used by multiple devices and devices at the same time. This will avoid frustration and classes can be agile and effective.
– The important financial disbursement the center has to make to incorporate new technologies in its classrooms is also an important factor to consider.
– We are likely to encounter some resistance to change, especially from more conservative sectors or less familiar with new technologies within the staff of the center or between the parents of the students.
– The introduction of technology in the classroom implies the need to learn to work in a team and in a more collaborative way, something to which the students are usually not accustomed and will require a learning time.
– Introducing technology in the classroom requires a paradigm shift, in the programmed contents and in the evaluation systems, since it will be necessary to adapt them to the new reality.

So although the advantages of introducing technology in schools can be important, it is important that they are accompanied by the necessary changes so that both students and teachers can get the most out of it.

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