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How to Write Email to Professor Sample

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How to Write Email to Professor Sample

We share very useful information regarding How to Write Email to Professor Sample. Therefore, We strongly believe that it will help students to secure foreign scholarships.

1. Email Impact
· “First impression is the last impression”

Email is the way to judge
· Competency, Language proficiency, Vocabulary, International exposures, and Professionalism

2. Email Goal
· To get an Acceptance letter from a professor and To increase the chance by getting an acceptance letter from a professor

3. Never send Research Proposal in the first email If Professor demand for it, then send him. Just send CV (Pdf) in the first email

4. Email Format

Subject: Ph.D. Application based on the CSC Scholarship, request for an acceptance letter, Request for MS or Ph.D. supervision

· Brief introduction
· Education
· Application details (PhD, Scholarship name)
· Previous research experience
· Research interest
· Motivation for PhD
· Motivation for this Lab / University
· Request for application acceptance
· Best Regards
· CV in attachment (Pdf)

5. Points to Consider in Email
· Formal language
Thank you
· Positive language
o I would appreciate if you could consider my application
· Polite language
· Short email
· 2 – 3 paragraphs
· 2 – 3 sentences in each paragraph

6. Points to Avoid in Email
· Don’t write words Sir, Madam
o They love to be called by name
o Write, Dear Professor Ahmad,
· Don’t ask about health, whether or life
· Informal language
o Thanks. 
· Dictate words
· Very long email
· Just one paragraph
· Many colors or fonts in email
· All CAPITAL Letters
· Don’t mention about your previous contact, if he rejected you last time

7. Attachment
· Attach file at the beginning of the email
o Otherwise, you will forget to attach it
· Attachment proper name
o CV_Ahmad
o Avoid the name, CV1, Doc 1 etc.
· Multiple attachments
o Use numbers to describe all attachments
§ 1. CV_Ahmad
§ 2. Personal Statement
§ 3. Research Proposal
· Please find the attached file of my CV for consideration.

8. Are you ready to send?
· Is recipient email and name same?
· Attachments?
· Spell check?
· Proof reading?
· Email language?
· Is degree and scholarship name clearly mentioned?
· Is there any thing missing in it?
Press Send

Best Wishes

We say thanks to Muhammad Sajjad Ashfaq for sharing nice guideline.


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