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How Important Textbook For College Studetnts

Written by Lara Hawkins

How Important Textbook For College Studetnts

When you move to college from school, everything changes from your attire to your personality and even you start to spend more. But how can you cut down cost? Well, you can reduce the cost of your college by saving a lot on textbooks. Textbooks are not cheap enough and even libraries do not have enough copies. The average cost of college textbook estimated to be $1200 per year, which is too much.

What about getting books on rent? It will save you a lot of money and the internet nowadays has made this possible. Students all over the country can now rent books and return them after the finals. Also, you can get books at a discounted price. Here are some popular textbook rental sites we have reviewed:

  1. Amazon Textbook Rental

Amazon is the trusted seller and a big name in the market. The website lives up to its promise when it comes to supplying textbook rental service. It lets the students save up to 90% on selected textbooks as well as 30-day refund and return option if the student is not satisfied with the book. Plus, if you have access to Amazon Student, you get free shipping on all orders.

The website also has an e-textbook feature that gives you access to a huge repository of e-books that you can rent out. For that, you require Kindle reading app which is available on iPhone, iPad, Amazon Fire Tablet and other devices. The site has a school list which makes it easier for the students to choose for recommended books for the new semester; just enter your ZIP code, school name and get the details of the syllabus.

The Amazon Textbook has a few rules that can be discouraging. So, if you highlight excessively on your rental books, you may be charged full amount and keep the book with yourself. And, if the book’s not returned after 15-day extension period also, then you are charged book’s purchase price.

  • Barnes and Noble Textbook Rental

They are known to be one of the original booksellers and they own a great collection of textbooks to choose from and textbook rental services. The website also has competitive books and they have a big selection. The only drawback is that they charge shipping costs for every order. But you get free return shipping on rentals.

Barnes and Noble have software that allows you to get access to additional material depending on your grade which is a great add-on.

  • Campus Textbook Rentals

The website started to serve back in 200 and since then has been attracting the attention of The Wall Street, MSNBC, Yahoo, The New York Times etc. for a great service to the students. One fact that sets it apart from other sites is that it provides the student with live support on the website which is convenient for the ones who are not sure about rentals or have questions regarding their orders or refunds. The website gives you complete right to highlight books and offers shipping service both ways. Also, the website has a great collection of textbooks to choose from and also the books are in good condition.

Once you have found your preferred books choose your rental duration which can range between 55 to 130 days or they give you the option to enter your preferred date. The textbooks are priced reasonably starting from just $20 and their check out process is easy and organized. You can pay online with all major credit cards and can expect to save up to 50-90%.


Yet another website which is famous among students as it lets you rent textbook with great discounts up to 90%. Also, you get free access to the e-version of your preferred books for about 7days while you wait for your book to be shipped.

You get free shipping on orders with a total of $50. If you decide to keep the book for some reason, you can simply purchase the book. As compared to Amazon, rental duration periods on are limited.

One thing that you should know before renting from is that they charge you for writing on the books and you may have to keep it with you permanently then.  What is the best about the site is that while your book is shipped or you need any guiding material, you can go through their study tab which provides you with references, answers and also you can find an online tutor to help you? You can use Chegg Promo Codeto avail discounts and deals on textbooks.

  • e-Campus

Easy, Fast, Cheap is the slogan of e-Campus which stands in competition with some major players in the market. When you order from e-Campus, you get free delivery both ways on orders above $35 and it also rewards its loyal customers with eWards points. Every customer gets a dollar for 3 points earned. If your order is not up to $35, you have to $3 has shipping plus $0.99 per item.

They give you an option to choose your rental duration from a semester, quarter, or short term making it more flexible and convenient for the students. The student can even sort out the books condition form good to worse and can even pay through PayPal and PayPal credit. The best about this website is that they offer international shipping.

  • Knetbooks

Knetbooks offers a great collection of textbooks to choose from and they have a wide variety of books. The best part of renting books from Knetbooks is that they provide free shipping with both ways which save up to 85% of cost on all textbooks.

The books are priced higher as compared to other websites and it is the only drawback. They let you use coupons at the time of checkout and also have a helpline which is available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

The duration of book renting can be anywhere between 60 to 130 days and lets you track your order. They also provide you with an option to purchase books from the same account. Most of the students like their services because of on-time delivery and easy and fast process.

  • Valore Books

As their tagline suggests, they are the “the student’s marketplace”. The website provides great services to the students and lets them track their order and also the return details are shown in a handy manner via a dialogue box that is on the homepage.

The website lets you compare prices of multiple textbook rental providers so that you can get the book at the cheapest price possible. Also, you are qualified for the 30-day money back guarantee if the book is not in good condition as show or the edition is wrong as well as they provide free return shipping. The website has been reviewed positively but one main drawback is that the website has a collection of old books and a limited selection of newer books.

Renting college books is really worth it. All you need is to pick the right service provider. Well, it can be inconvenient or irritating for some who like the feel of a new book and don’t want to read over the highlighted texts. But, if you keep in mind the prices of buying new books and selling them at loss; it may not be a good idea. Renting books saves you a lot and you can prefer above-mentioned sites for textbook rentals.

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