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Unknown facts about Wikipedia

Written by Lara Hawkins

Wikipedia has become a widely used online platform that has certainly not stayed unknown to any internet user. This informative platform has over 15 million active users that comprise of professional editors, writers and general users in the community. Certain ways and approaches are present that allow you to stay engaged with the community but before you proceed to know it, you should know how Wikipedia works.

The notion of deceiving the readers and using unethical means to alter information is not possible on Wikipedia. The content screening process is extremely thorough and the editors there never approve content that violates a single detail of the guidelines Wikipedia has.

Getting a page or article on Wikipedia is no longer a far off task as you have two options. You could either contact the best Wikipedia page creation service Delhi based or in any other region or you could go through the guidelines and make your page all by yourself.

The choice is entirely yours but you should look into the consequences and the pros of your decision before you commence with anything. Here are some of the points that people new to Wikipedia are not aware of so we have comprehensively compiled each point for you.

Anyone can make edits

Since Wikipedia is an open-source online platform, the option to edit and add content is available to everyone who has an account. However, knowing this fact would probably make you think that people could forge and make false changes anytime but that is not the case. The Wikipedia community consists of moderators and editors that monitor the content uploaded on Wikipedia as well as keep in check any changes made in the already published pages. All the pages are reviewed thoroughly before they are approved for publishing.

It has volunteer editors

Supposedly, an article is published in a journal and it contains false information or maybe it needs to be corrected. What would you do? You would surely try to directly reach out to the writer or journalist and inquire to make changes to the relevant changes. The editors at Wikipedia are always anonymous so there are no direct means of communication between the Wikipedia editors and the writer. Every time you would be associated with a new editor but your query will need the follow-up from where it was left off.   

An integral part of the search engine

Being around for over a decade, Wikipedia has always managed to secure the top rankings on popular search engines such as Google. No matter what subject or topic you have searched for, Wikipedia pages always manage to secure the highest rankings, usually on the first page. Other websites also acquire information from Wikipedia so if anyone searches about you or your brand then the search will show links to websites that contain references taken from the Wikipedia page. You should keep track of the searches where keywords relevant to you are mentioned to further improve your digital marketing strategies.

It is more than an online community

While Wikipedia has been made on the foundation to be an online encyclopedia but its scope has now become vast. Wikipedia is no longer an informative website as it now allows editors, writers, and writing enthusiasts to gather on a single platform and collaborate with each other only to find ways for improving the Wikipedia platform. The editors and moderators at Wikipedia have set rules therefore; they do not compromise on the violation of the guidelines set by them. Everyone who contributes to the platform should not forget to add reliable citations, links, images, and references wherever it is necessary to.

Always comply with the guidelines

It is true that anyone can make an account on Wikipedia and edit the content as they please but there are certain rules and limitations to it. You might have overlooked it or you might know of this rule yet but when you create your account and upload an article, Wikipedia asks you to agree to Wikipedia guidelines. These guidelines ask for disclosure of conflict of interest and it is needed because random or false edits are never encouraged on this platform. If the editors catch you making wrong changes then you will end up being banned for good.


By now, you must have analyzed where you stand only if you were thinking to get a Wikipedia page made. It surely does sound easy but it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and research to curate content for Wikipedia pages that are simply immaculate. The page creation and approval is not everything that counts as once you secure a position on the platform, you would need to monitor it and update it in a timely manner. If you keep these tips in mind then you can create and draft quality pages in no time.

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