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How to Become a Freelance Writer

Written by Lara Hawkins

How to Become a Freelance Writer

Since my childhood I was always attracted to books and writing. It was always fascinating for me to read and write new things. I was easily inspired by small things present around me. As I grow up my fascination turn in to my passion. I just discovered that writing was important to me just like air for lungs. I was passionate about writing and I want to devote myself in its ocean. I tried! I tried my level best to win my dream. But there were some major failures I faced which shattered me and my motivation for writing.  There were days I serve my whole time in writing but in the end I just failed my attempt and my all effort go in vain. We share guideline for How to Become a Freelance Writer.

Before starting my career as a writer I thought it was easy to write. But it was just my thought! It is not easy to be a writer. There are so many problems, failures and struggles which we have to face. There are times when you are not able to think that what you are going to write? You can’t find any inspiration or in my I say that “I wasn’t able to find my MUSE”. Yes I need my muse to write. Without it I am not bale to write a single word. Everything seems so messed up! And believe me every writer needs their own muse to let their words makes the wonder, to raise the spirits of the people. And when the writers are not able to manage their words they can’t let their audience enjoy the roller coaster of your story.

“Creating a rhythm with my words, making the mind dances with that rhythm, and enjoying the total serenity of the pure joy in the eyes of my readers, is what I want to explore with every single word of my miracle writing”

It was my dream to let my audience enjoy the gala of words which is always there, making me excited every single time whenever I start writing. But the struggle of writing and problems was surrounding with their demons not letting my inner writer fighting back for my passion. So there was a blog I still remember exactly which helps me to wear its armor and make me stand back right straight to fight back those demons. That armor was tips which helped me to fight back the struggle I was facing in writing. Mentioned below are some of the pro tips which can help you to overcome you struggle!


The first tips is about reading. Writing needs reading. Yes it did! Without reading you can’t have the proper grasp on your writing skills. As much as you are going to read it will definitely improve your writing. This will help you to increase your vocabulary, help you to overcome your grammatical errors, and let you to learn about different types of writing tones. Plus it will also help you to dig new inspirations.


Before you start writing you have to set up a deadline just to manage your speed. This is literally going to help you to improve your word generation capability and will enhance the quality of your content. Just like the Wikipedia Page creators who set their deadlines for completing their articles because they have to update their as soon as possible.


I love to write in an open place where I can inhale fresh air, and can observe nature. I usually go to parks for writing. I write better when my mind is surrounded by nature. Just like me every writer have a comfort spot where they can think and write better. Figure out which spot is your comfort spot and start writing there. Trust me when your mind is going to find peace then your ability of word generation is going to be enhanced instantly.


When you start writing your content. Try to set a per day word count! Seriously it will help you to meet your deadline on time. Setting a targeted word count will help you to speed up your writing and will help you to produce better quality word.


If you are a writer the, there have to be a notebook present in your bag all the time. You never know where you are going to find your inspiration. So it’s better to carry a notebook with you just to secure whenever you find your inspiration of writing on different things. 


These were the top pro tips which can help you to overcome the writing struggles which are face by most of the writers.

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