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Teacher as Role Model for Students

Written by Lara Hawkins

Teacher as Role Model for Students

Today, the world has turned into a global village. The standards and methods of everything have changed completely; be it teaching, learning, strategies or implementation. The methods of teaching that were being used earlier are not applicable today. The world has transformed, new technologies have taken over the traditional methods. Teacher as Role Model for Students, therefore teachers can help the students to grow and follow their life style for a successful carrier. In today’s world, teaching is considered to be a versatile profession which demands extreme professionalism nowadays many teachers also work in an online writing service firm like  devotion and commitment. The teacher plays the role of mentor, role model, counselor, career guide, friend and third parent. A teacher contributes a major role in the personality development of a child. Children are often observed to copy their teachers and follow them from a younger age when they do not even listen to their parents but follow the instructions of their teacher as they are the ones they look up to. An elementary school like do my essay for me teachers have this important responsibility on their shoulders to play their part in the development of students to the best of their abilities. Teachers can shape the personality of children to make them able to become a good human being and a productive member of society. A student spends more time in school than he does at home. Teachers are not only responsible for teaching lessons and carrying out routine activities within the classroom but the building the solid moral foundation of the students which decides their future. The upbringing and learning a teacher can provide is beyond explanation as students look up to their teachers for inspiration. They are the ones who build up their confidence, make them to speak up against the odds, stand for justice and have courage to speak the truth, teach them to stay calm in every problem no matter how big it is. Teachers are the ones who inspire the students to make the best use of their lives and achieve their dreams by working harder and harder. Behind every successful athlete, artist, doctor, engineer, scientist, cricketer, lawyer, businessman and traveler, there is a teacher who made him believe in himself and encouraged him to stay consistent for achieving his goals. Accurately said by Brad Henry, an American lawyer, and politician, 26th Governor of Oklahom; ‘’A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning’’. There are many examples where world-renowned personalities gave all the credit of their success to that one teacher who made them believe in themselves. Thus the role of a teacher is not limited to the classroom but the whole life of a student.

The process of learning is so complex and diverse; a teacher has to play a very critical role here. The concepts and lessons that a teacher can make the students understand stay with them for their whole life. Teaching curriculum and course books are not the only responsibility of the teacher, but values and morals which he or she inculcates are the priority. A teacher can polish the abilities of the students by making them participate in-class activities, make them to present a topic in front of the whole class, make them coordinate with each other, help their classmates to create a sense of teamwork and collaboration among them, encourage them to participate in sports, debate and arts competitions. These activities help to develop the personality of a child by developing strong attributes like confidence, determination, consistency, hard work, time management, teamwork, and communication skills. These qualities developed in the personality of a child help him deal with life’s greatest difficulties. Today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders, who are responsible to build their society. To make them a productive member of the society and to contribute to the betterment of the world, a teacher plays a decisive role. Starting from the learning phase to the important decisions of career-making, students depend on their teachers. It is important for a student to realize his interests, know his inner abilities and his passion which he wants to pursue in his life. Career guidance is the most important factor that decides the future of a student. A good career counselor can set the right direction for a student to live his life as per his interests, while a poor career choice against the interests of student can cost him a life-long disappointment, depression, and anxiety. Again, teachers play a decisive role here. Teachers should identify the interests and abilities of students and guide them accordingly. Thus, we can say that the role of a teacher is now not confined to the classroom teaching of the curriculum for making the students to pass the exams, but to develop the skills and values that make them a productive member of the society, contributing to the well-being of people.

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