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How to Create Encyclopedia Page Wikipedia US

Written by Lara Hawkins

How to Create Encyclopedia Page Wikipedia US

Wikipedia US is one of the perfect platforms if anyone is looking to enhance their online visibility or to create their credibility for the future reference, but it is also true that not everyone is capable of possessing Encyclopedia page. It is important that the person should have a higher notability or must be very famous in order to get a perfect Encyclopedia page for themselves.

Since the instructions of the Wikipedia are very clear and transparent about owning a page, it is apparently very difficult for the person to get the page on Encyclopedia if they are not that popular, but have achieved something that makes them worthy of a wiki page. It does not mean that the specific individual cannot have a Wikipedia page ever, but there are some helpful ways that could be very beneficial if anyone wants to create an Encyclopedia page for a person that does not have recognition or popularity.

Mentioned below are some of the easy steps that one need to follow if they want to create an Encyclopedia page for an unpopular person.

  1. Get the Knowledge About Encyclopedia Page Creation

Before starting to create the Encyclopedia page for anyone it is mandatory that a Wikipedia page creator must learn all the details and facts about Wikipedia page creation that also includes learning the rules for creating a Wikipedia page.

  1. Look Out If the Person Is Covered Anywhere on the Internet

It might be hard luck, but research is very important if you want to create an Encyclopedia page for anyone. One might not know, but they could have some valuable information on the internet related to their achievement that can be used in for creating the page.

  1. Check Their Notability Criteria for

Notability is an essential key for having a page on the Wikipedia platform, as Encyclopedia only allows those people to have the Wikipedia page that has some recognition in the world.

  1. Create Their Hype for Wikipedia US

If you want to create the create a Wikipedia page for a person who is not known by anyone or is not popular, then there is a great need to generate awareness about them to let people know who the person is and what they have done in order to gain acknowledgment.

  1. Circulate the Word About Them on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the most credible place for creating the hype or spreading the news, so it would be best to utilize the place for generating awareness or creating hype about the person so that more people would know about it.

  1. Create as Many Credible Links as Possible

It is true that if the person is not popular he needs to be backed up with the references as much as possible, so covering their interviews, writing articles about them, and many other credible and legal options would be best for generating links that will be used as references while creating their Wikipedia page article.

  1. Collect Valuable Information About the Person

Creating the notability might not be enough which is why it is imperative to collect other information about the person to use them for both purposes that are for creating their links and as well as their Wikipedia page article.

  1. Learn What Exceptional Work They Had Done to Get on Wikipedia

Interview the person if possible and highlight their achievement or the remarkable work they have done that makes you think or made them believe that they should own a proper page on the Encyclopedia website.

  1. Get the Details About Their Background & Family

Learn about their education, their family background, and their previous activities, from where they have come from, and as a matter of fact, the entire biography to cover a section in the Encyclopedia page.

  1. Verify Resources Before Writing the Article of the Wikipedia us Page

Since the links and resources are used as the reference in the Encyclopedia page article, it is important that all the sources should be verified to be used in the content. Also, Wikipedia only accepts the credible sources to be used for the article, so make sure to cite the information with only reliable links.


Wikipedia obviously has some strict rules for creating a page on their website, and the Encyclopedia management does not allow any random person to have a Wikipedia page if they are not notable enough, but it does not mean that there is no way to resolve this issue. With the help of the simple ways that are mentioned above, it will be so easy for anyone to create a wiki page for an unpopular person. The only thing that will be compulsory for the Wikipedia page creation is to have the right knowledge of making a successful Wikipedia page that will go along with the tips that are discussed aforehand so that the page will be there for a long time and does not get rejected by the Wikipedia management.

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