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Customer Satisfaction Skills For Every Employee

Written by Lara Hawkins

Any business venture can be successful only when the level of customer service is exceptional. Therefore, when you choose your employees make sure that they have the following customer service skills in them. This will not only keep your customers satisfied but will also prevent any rise of conflicts inside and outside your business. We share useful tips for Customer Satisfaction Skills For Every Employee.

Whether a small scale business or a large industry, customers are their greatest asset to retain and it is customer service that will ensure it. Even the smallest of mistakes made during handling a customer may have a huge impact on the success of the business costing it big.

The skills required for Customer Satisfaction

Here are a few basic and essential Customer Satisfaction skills that you employees should have. Multiple skills in a person will make him or her better contender.

  • Patience: Patience is a virtue of all employees, especially when it comes to handling customers. This is because each customer will have different needs, temperament, choice, and knowledge which may lead to confusion and even conflict. You employees should handle it patiently and with calm and composure so that it does not aggravates the situation resulting in the loss of a customer.
  • Attentiveness: This is closely related with patience but involves more of listening than acting. Hearing a customer out is a good trait and will have a good effect on the customers who will feel respected. It is important to observe the language and terms used by the customer and to read between the lines. This will prevent repeating or asking for the essential terms thereby annoying the customers.
  • Communication: Employees should have a clear and exceptional communication skill so that they can get to the core of any issue to resolve it. A clear communication between the two is indispensable to understand what the customer wants to relate and to explain the situation clearly. Miscommunication may often than not cause major issues. Try to keep things simple, brief and to the point.
  • Product knowledge: Employees must have adequate knowledge about the products or services sold so that they can answer to any questions of the customer. It is very irritating and annoying to a customer to keep them waiting while the employees look for a supervisor or higher authority to explain things to the customer. Perfect product knowledge will create empathy and will also result in faster and efficient resolution.
  • Positive language: This will create a good image of the company. The employee must know when and how to change the language of even any negative information subtly so that the customer feels valued. For example instead of saying curtly that the product is not available as the stock has finished, a positive way of saying it is that it will be restocked soon and the customer will be informed accordingly.
  • Acting: This skill of acting to maintain composure irrespective of the behavior of the customer will take your employee as well as your business a long way. A smile has a lot of ‘face value!’
  • Time management: It goes without saying that all the customers at the counter should be given time to be served and listened. The limitations should be known and time provided should be hence allotted. In case it needs more time to resolve an issue, it should be referred to a professional and take on the next customer. It saves s time for both.
  • Reading customers: This is one of the most significant of all customer service skills. This is based on the human psychology and is incredibly useful to work according to the behavior, mood and personality of the customer.

However, these skills can only be bettered with practice.

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