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Semiconductor Devices by Kannan Kano Pdf

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Semiconductor Devices by Kannan Kano

This book Semiconductor Devices is written to serve as a textbook for an undergraduate course, at the junior or senior level, for students majoring in electrical or computer engineering. An appropriate background for those using the book includes courses in mathematics that cover ordinary differential equations, a course in modern physics, and a course in basic circuit theory. So that a course on devices becomes more relevant and interesting to students, it should be accompanied by a course in electronic circuits that relates applications of the devices to circuits.
It is the intention of the author that the major contents of this book can be covered in a one-semester course. It is, however, left to the discretion of the individual instructor adopting this book to select the chapters or sections that he or she considers most important while maintaining the continuity and rigor of the discussions.

This book focuses on three major categories of devices: the junction diode, the bipolar junction transistor, and the field-effect transistor in its various forms. Of the fourteen chapters, the first four are devoted to the study of the physical and electrical conducting properties of semiconductors. Two chapters each, not necessarily in this order, are then used to cover the PN junction diode, the bipolar junction transistor, and the metal-oxide semiconductors FET. Finally the junction FET, the metal-semiconductor FET, optoelectronic devices, and fabrication technology
are each the subject of one chapter.
In the various chapters on devices, derivations of analytical relations are described in the middle or at the end of the chapter. The sequence of presentation of the material is as follows: The first section of each chapter deals with the general construction and operation of the device, using diagrams and typical characteristics. This is followed by an explanation, using drawings, of the steps in the fabrication of the device. The third section is devoted to the detailed description of the graphical characteristics and their relation to the operation of the device. In the next section,
analytical relations are derived which are related to and complement the operation and the graphical characteristics.

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