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4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students

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4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students

Studies, and studies at the graduate level, in particular, can be quite challenging for any student, and as such a proper approach to them can often make a big difference in being successful in them in the end. No matter what you may be studying at the graduate level and at what institution you may be doing so, there is no shortage of resources, written and especially online, that can help you achieve your academic goals. This is especially true today in our modern digital era, where accessing information is as easy as the click of a button. There is of course never an easy shortcut in doing the work that is required to successfully complete your graduate studies. In addition to this, the seemingly endless abundance of resources on the internet is accompanied by an equal and dizzying abundance of distractions. Nonetheless, so long as you are responsible and strive to remain focused on your academic goals, these are just a few of the many resources out there that can help you optimize your learning process at your own pace and convenience: We have shared 4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students.


Quizlet is an online learning tool that allows you to store and access large amounts of relevant information in the form of flashcards and games, thereby making the learning process fun and organized. It can be used on one’s desktop or on one’s mobile phone as an app, allowing you to stay on top of the learning material at any given time. The learning content can also be shared with other students easily so that everyone can benefit and learn together.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known and free non-profit study tool for which you can select subjects of interest at your academic level and be provided with engaging and interactive courses tailored to your learning goals. In addition to having many lectures available for a large variety of subjects, Khan Academy also tracks your progress to help you on the path to reach your academic goals in no time. In addition to students, learning resources are offered to educators as well for an educational dynamic that is better integrated for both the students and their teachers.


Graduate studies tend to involve a great deal of writing in the form of term papers, essays and theses. In addition to having to write content that is up to the standard of quality graduate schools require, any sources must be cited properly and work must not be plagiarized in line with the ethical standards inherent to studies at the graduate level. In fact, plagiarism detectors are built in to most graduate student portals to ensure that work is at the very least one’s own. For this, Grammarly is a program that can really come in handy. Not only can it correct mistakes in spelling and grammar, but it can recommend better ways of phrasing otherwise grammatically correct and correctly spelled sentences. It can also check your work with that found in other sources to make sure nothing is plagiarized.

Academic Research Transcription Services

With the ascendance of computer technology in the academic field, many lectures are increasingly offered in videos recorded in real-time and study materials readily accessible in digital format. To go along with this, academic research transcription services are also available to help deliver quality and accurate transcriptions of lectures, interviews, and other forms of media so that students can focus their time and energy to learning and studying rather than relaying information or trying to decipher unclear academic content.

When it comes to undertaking studies at the graduate level, should one decide to do so, there is no single solution for everyone to succeed, nor is there any substitute to the rigor and discipline required to be successful. However, there are many apps and study tools including and similar to those listed here that can help you stay better organized and engaged during your studies. The ultimate responsibility lies with you, but the resources available to you are near endless, and so long as you know how and when to use them, and even whether or not they are suitable for your mode of study at all, you can certainly gain an edge and improve your chances of success at the graduate level. Surely there is no harm in trying.



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