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PSAT vs. SAT tests

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PSAT vs. SAT tests

Every year, thousands of students appear in SAT and PSAT tests. These tests are basically designed to know how well students are prepared for the college and if they are eligible for any potential merit scholarships or not. Students take these tests in their junior years, and then the board decides before their admission to colleges, whether they can avail the scholarships or not. Both these tests look very similar and share many common things; however, if you dig deeper, you’ll get to know the major differences between these two tests.

The purpose

The purpose of the SAT is to know how well the student is prepared for college. The score will be sent to the potential colleges that the student is aiming to apply to, and it will give them a chance to consider the student for their college or not. PSAT has a different purpose. It actually helps a student to prepare for their SAT test. The score you’ll get in your PSAT will determine your potential of performance in your SAT test. PSAT score is not normally sent to colleges and universities at all.

Content and difficulty level

The content of PSAT and SAT is almost the same. Both have evidence-based reading, math, and writing. However, the SAT is definitely more difficult than PSAT as the questions in it could be a bit tricky. The average time duration for SAT is 15 more minutes than PSAT. Also, the score range of PSAT is 320-1520, whereas the score range of SAT is 400-1600. PSAT covers the same kind of questions as SAT but always be prepared for questions with a relatively high difficulty level in your SAT test.


PSAT and SAT can be prepared in the same way. If a student has the potential to qualify for a national merit scholarship, then he should start practicing by taking the PSAT test first. The score you’ll achieve in PSAT will reflect back your potential of performance in SAT in the future. You can prepare for both of these tests from the same books. If the student performs below average in the PSAT score, this warns the student and the related people beforehand, and they’ll work even more on the student to get a better score. You can take multiple PSAT tests to prepare for your SAT, but obviously, they come with a price.

By appearing in the PSAT test, the results will tell you about the areas that require even more attention and the headwork. Students go for various resources to perform even better, but the best way to prepare is to practice hard. PSAT gives the students an opportunity to know how a SAT test will look like. They’ll be even more prepared for their SAT test after taking PSAT. You should definitely go for the PSAT test if you want to know whether you’re on the right path or not.

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