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Written by Lara Hawkins

Battling with the corona virus in the year 2020 has made quite a change in how consumers are perceiving information nowadays. The buying behavior of consumers, all over the world, has now changed. Demand patterns and changing trends have now totally changed the way the marketing game is going to be played from now on. The rules have now changed.

Brands are now targeting consumers with different strategy. According to a study by Hubspot marketing has taken a new turn and the content is now created by COVID-19’s for Cs community, compassion, contactless and cleanliness. According to the latest trends, these four aspects are now known to be the most effective conversation starters online.

Brands need to ensure that they are addressing the right issues wen starting audience engagement. While some brands may be concerned about serving the community it is highly likely that the customers are more concerned about the cleanliness aspect. Hence, the need to assess the right topic or issue is crucial when it comes to content creation in 2021. Brands designing content which focuses more on the customer’s concerns have a higher likelihood to engage them effectively.

Some Of The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends:

Social media marketing in 2021 is all about connecting and engaging with target audiences in a much more effective manner. Some of these trends are quite effective.

Nostalgia Marketing: Brands are now focusing more on connecting with their audience through Nostalgia Marketing. In these depressing COVID times where people are locked shut in their homes and where many have lost their jobs, a technique that allows brands to instill positivity into their audience’s lives is something that is a great tool to distract them. This helps brands to make their customers recall better and happier times. Nostalgia marketing was also used during the previous recessions as well.

Your customer wanting to tap into the memories of their good days is something that brands can make good use of to keep them engaged and distracted from their ongoing struggles.

Rising Above Misinformation: Most people have now started looking more towards virtual encyclopedias rather than social media for information. Knowing how to create a Wikipedia page in today’s world is a skill that is regarded as more of an asset nowadays.

The problem today with social media is the fact that information on social media cannot be trusted. There is too much misinformation and disinformation on social media and the line between the truth and made up stories is now quite blurry. Brands can make things go in their favor by providing their target audience with factual information. This helps brands to appear a more credible source of information which can be depended upon by their target audience. This results in a better connection between brands and their target audiences and is an effective social media marketing technique.

Save Your Brand Form Negative Attention: Over the years, the use of memes has become quite common on social media platforms. Most young adults ranging from the teen ages to their mid-thirties, have been reported to use memes to communicate on quite a frequent basis.

Most of these memes are used as a means to entertain or to target people. Memes are a way people adopt to, when they need to make fun of a certain idea or a person. Being a brand, you need to ensure that you do not attract such attention. It can be extremely negative for a brand’s image on the digital media.

Brands need to be extra careful about this because memes are now one of the most popular ways of communication through the digital media. There has been a 26% increase in the past year in the overall usage of memes and has been one of the most effective tools to influence the mindsets of people online. And with COVID pandemic going on in full action, people are more susceptible to use memetic content online. This is something that is even more of a challenge for brands nowadays and understanding how to distance themselves from negative content like that is something that every brand is trying to do.



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