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5 Essential Qualities To Be Liked In Your First Job

Written by Lara Hawkins

At the moment, finding a job is complicated and, one that we like, even more so. Therefore, it is normal that we want to make a good impression on colleagues and superiors. After several years of studies, it is time to hit the streets (and the internet) to find work and be able to be independent. It is true that COVID-19 does not help anything, but with or without a pandemic, life goes on and we must continue with our plans.

These are the 5 qualities that we must promote so that everything turns out as we wish in our first job:

  1. Ability to work in a team

A good team is more efficient and everyone works more at ease. In addition, the ideal is that any team is made up of people who contribute different knowledge (interdisciplinary) and for that it is important that its members work side by side and can manage their interdependence without conflicts and with confidence. You have to know how to listen, share, have an open mind and accept ideas and suggestions. It is not always about leading or standing out, much less doing it as soon as we get to our first job. In addition, our colleagues will appreciate that we have some respect for their seniority and experience and that we humbly contribute new ideas.

  1. Communication skills

Having the facility to express oneself correctly both orally and in ghostwriter writing, having a good vocabulary or expressing our ideas correctly, knowing how to argue our point of view are the most valued skills in a worker. If we can also do it in more than one language, much better. This is also important to address our superiors, to speak with potential clients, to network, etc. If we have good communication skills, it will be easier to find our first job and keep it.

  1. Proactive profile

The ability to be proactive is very attractive to any business. It is about anticipating events by taking control of the situation both to avoid possible problems and to create new opportunities. Showing initiative will be highly valued in any of the jobs we can do. Nobody wants to work with people who do not know how to anticipate or who go through everything. If we want to be valued positively in our first job, we’d better get started on developing this skill.

  1. Ability to resolve conflicts

That employees know how to properly resolve conflicts is essential for the proper functioning of any company or administration. Responding with anger or bad manners to a friction or a problem is as bad as keeping quiet and accumulating large doses of frustration that take away the will to live. Resolving conflicts appropriately will not only improve interpersonal relationships and the work environment, but will also make us feel better in our day to day life.

No matter how excited we are to have gotten our first job or as much as we have dreamed of that position, we cannot be so innocent as to think that there will be no conflict. They are many hours living with strangers (or acquaintances that we do not like too much), suffering stress and pressure. The ability to resolve conflicts is essential if we want to have a satisfactory work life and good interpersonal relationships.

  1. Empathy

Much has been said lately about empathy, although we do not always fully understand what it is or how it works. Any social animal needs this ability to be able to coexist with its species; It is a mechanism that allows us to put on someone else’s shoes and understand what happens to them from their own perspective, which when transferred to the workplace is absolutely essential to work as a team and maintain good relationships with bosses and colleagues, as well as help in dealing with clients, patients, students, etc.

Having a good empathic capacity is a symptom of a well-structured brain with a good number of mirror neurons and that is much more valuable than any work experience. Empathic people are more supportive, kind, understanding, easy to deal with and friendly; What, together with the knowledge and the rest of the skills that we have talked about, represents exactly the qualities that every worker wants in a colleague or a superior and that every boss wants in their charge.

I encourage everyone!


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