How to Write SEO Compatible Content?

Written by Gerry Wilson

One of the most important things that enables brands and companies to take the action they want for their products and services in the website content. The secrete of quality ingredients to being interesting, it is SEO compliance that makes it easier to access information. So what are the tips for writing SEO compatible content?

What is SEO compatible content?

Before we get into what SEO compatible content is, we need to talk about SEO. Search engine optimization SEO is the general name of the studies aimed to enhance the search engine results. The purpose of SEO is to ensure that the website content appears on Google.

Getting back to the topic, SEO compatible content is the website content that uses keywords, contains information, offers benefits and is creative. The purpose of SEO compatible content is to list a post on the website at the top search engine results.

But how to write such content?

As an internet use, can you reach the information you need clearly while researching what you wonder? We are mostly directed to articles with incomplete information in the search results we make on Google. Most content writers use keywords so often just to rank first on Google that the reader experience is ignored. Content that is far from semantic expression causes negative consequences in the long run by reducing the time users stay on the website. So what are the most effective SEO-compatible writing rules for both the reader and the website?

Writing rules

You should pay attention to language and spelling rules in all content you write, whether it is SEO compatible or not. Be sure to check the words you are unsure.

Integrity of meaning

Make sure your content starts with an interesting introduction and continues with an informative development section. In the result section, aim to reach your website content or extra information by using CTA (call-to-action) texts.

Niche content

Use your own sentences while writing content, avoiding copy and paste. Make sure to state this when you quote. Make sure your content is original and of high quality. By doing research on the subject you will write, try to include information that is not found in the articles on other sites. You can hire expert content writers or ghostwriting company in order to get quality content for your website.

Keyword analysis

With which word do you want users to access your content? When creating your keyword strategy, you can use Google’s free keyword planner or other tools. You can do your targeting in the most accurate way by using alternative tools.

Keyword frequency

Avoid repeating the same keywords or SEO compatibility. By using alternatives to your keyword, ensure that users access your content using related keywords in similar searches. The keyword ratio in your content should be between 0.5% to 2.5%. Although, there are different opinions on this topic.

Content title

Title should start with the keyword, an average of 50-70 characters including spaces and minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 words. At the same time, the titles should be of interest to the readers.

Content length

You content should be at least 300 – 500 words range. Google likes long texts. That’s why you can write between 1000 – 2000 words.

Paragraph length

The ideal paragraph length should be between 40 to 50 words, both to keep your readers’ attention fresh and for SEO. The maximum recommended length is 150 words. Likewise, line length should be an average of 12 words.

Rich media elements

Enrich your content by placing informative or entertaining visuals between paragraphs. Make sure that the images are high resolution, extraordinary and quality.


Permanent links must contain your keywords and must be in the maximum range of 50 – 60 characters. Make sure that the URL structure is as short, clear and catchy as possible.

SEO title

Content title and SEO title may be different. Make your SEO headline short, clear and engaging to create a clean display in Google search results. Try to drive traffic to your website by thinking about which words your readers will search for your topic.

In addition to all these tips, while writing SEO compatible content you should take care that t is informative, contain clean answers, useful, arousing, easy to read with a fluent language and attracts attention with a creative expression.

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