Producing Quality Content for Your Website in 8 Steps

Written by Gerry Wilson

Although content is an indispensable part of the SEO process, their importance increases with each update performed by search engines. Producing SEO compatible content can be performed by anyone with a keyboard, there are many issues that determine the quality of the content. If you are wondering how SEO compatible content that is like by both users and search engines is produced, you’re on the right place.

Following are a few steps to create quality content for your website:

Generate readable content

When it comes to compatible content, all the article that serve as a guide recommend keyword research and the effective use of these keywords. We think that the first criterion to be met is readability. If you don’t want to write your content, you can sign up with a content agency and order content from them.

Know you target audience and index keyword research

Your content will not reach your target audience unless your feed the content you create with the right keywords. In addition to reach to your audience, you must first answer the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of the people that make up your audience?
  • What kind of information are they looking for?
  • Why do they need this information?
  • What keywords do they use to access this information?

Although it looks like a very long to do list, once you do this, you can handle the next one practically.

Determine the language to use in your content

The language of address helps you not only in producing effective content, but also in brand awareness. The language of address you choose in accordance with your target audience allows you to communicate with them in a better way and because of the familiarity of the users, the users associate this language with your brand.

Therefore, it may be beneficial for your brand to use a specially selected address language in content production. Users may fee confused and a little awkward if you suddenly decide to change the address language. In addition, using the language of address in the content in a variable way, whether you create a blog, article or even if you create a Wikipedia page, it can cause the readers to hesitate and distract.

Edit before you begin writing content

Writing is performed by everyone. However, when it comes to content, article, or copy writing, creating fiction before starting the writing process is a habit that must be acquired. Since the content your produce will not be evaluated as a literary text, you need to meet all the necessary criteria in these texts. The way to do this is through the pre-prepared content editing. Determine how many keywords will be included in which paragraph and the content length are determined before the production phase.

Use keywords at top points of content

Use keywords at critical points of the content to send strong signals to search engines in the content your produce.

  • Page title
  • Links in content
  • Alt tags of image files
  • H tags
  • Meta descriptions

Include interesting headlines in your content

Even if you write the world’s most successful content on a particular topic, it will not attract the attention of users unless you decorate this content with an interesting title. For this reason, include statements that may attract users’ attention in your main titles and subheadings.

Always include up-to-date and reliable information in your content

There are probably many websites that produce articles on your chosen topic. However, how many of these people provide up-to-date and reliable information on the chosen topic in the articles they produce? We can say that this ratio is very low since it is a medium that everyone can produce freely. By including up-to-date and reliable information in your content, you can both sign a content preferred by users and gain the trust of your users.

Optimize your page speed

Although this issue is related to the technical SEO part rather than content production, it is determining factor in the quality of your content due to the effect it creates on users. Users usually do not prefer slow opening pages, and even, according to BBC, users directly close pages that take more than 3 seconds to load.

Wrapping up

You can create articles that are liked by both search engines and users by paying attention to the above mentioned criteria whole producing SEO compatible and quality content.

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