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Do content writers use paraphrasing tools? Top 5 paraphrasing tools

Written by Qamar

Do content writers use paraphrasing tools? Top 5 paraphrasing tools


Content writing is a skill that includes planning, structuring, and writing web content. It includes writing blog posts, articles, video scripts, podcasts, etc. However, the most common use is for digital marketing.

The scope of a content writer knows no end. He can target the online audience present on all digital forums, which constitutes 63% of the world’s population.   

Do content Writers use paraphrasing tools?


However, in the tech world, manual writing isn’t enough. The search engine considers more than 200 factors to rank content.  As a human, you can’t control all these variables. 

To beat the search engine, the writers need help from paraphrasing tools. These tools can rewrite any draft. The output is direct, concise, and engaging. It generates organic traffic, more screen time, and sales leads.


A paraphrasing tool assists a writer in the following ways:

  1. It gives a professional outlook to the work
  2. It increases SEO optimization
  3. It helps in improving the readability score of the content
  4. It removes grammatical errors
  5. It eliminates redundancy 
  6. It builds your online brands 
  7. It creates a loyal fan base


If you are a content writer and you don’t have a paraphrasing tool, you are fighting a lost battle. This article highlights the 5 best paraphrasing tools available on the internet 


The plagiarism fixer is the king when it comes to paraphrasing. The tool outclasses its peers in providing high-quality rewriting services with complete contextual accuracy. 


It offers one paraphrasing mode, which fulfills all paraphrasing requirements. This makes it ideal for newbies.

The interface is quite basic. It doesn’t include any extravagant design schemes and complex options. Everything is very nice and simple.


It can rewrite 5000 characters in one search.  All features are completely free, you can perform unlimited paraphrasing tasks without paying a single penny. How’s that for a deal?

The developers have also made an android application. Through which, it can be installed on a smartphone.

  • Spinbot


Spinbot gives you the complete mastery of word count. The tool offers three distinctive paraphrasing modes for that. 

Short Mode: It reduces the input. The output summarizes the initial draft, giving it a more comprehensive look.

Default Mode: This mode simply rewrites the original. The word count is pretty much similar to the original.

Longest Mode: This mode expands the topic of discussion. The output contains a brilliant debate about the topic. 


The tool can paraphrase 10,000 characters in one search. It offers another option of “ignore words”. By exercising this, you can carry the exact terms or expressions in the output. It makes it ideal for technical subjects.

The tool doesn’t have a mobile app, which is a sham. However, the rest of the specs make up for it.

It also includes an additional text spinner, which helps in generating multiple versions of content. 


Any talk of versatile paraphrasing tools is simply bogus without The tool provides a complete paraphrasing solution for aspiring content writers.


It offers 5 world-class paraphrasing modes, which include:

Text Improver: It adds right word substitutions to a rough draft. The original style is retained but text quality improves.

Near Human: It operates like a human brain. It rewrites sentences while keeping a stern check on contextual accuracy.

Plagiarism Remover: It removes plagiarism from its roots. The tool makes the content duplication-free, helping the content to reach on top.

Creative: It finds another way of explaining a topic. The style, delivery, and expressions are entirely different from the original.

Academic: It rewrites as per academic norms. Everything is subtle, respecting all figurative and contextual details.


The choice of mode depends upon the writer’s requirement. The free version can rewrite 1000 words in one search.


The tool also offers a plethora of additional features. To verify the quality of output, it includes a grammar and plagiarism checker. These two tools act as a filter.’

To respect the word count, it provides a summarizer and sentence rephraser. They can condense or glorify a subject matter as per the requirement


It is also available in multiple languages. The writers can also download the mobile version from the play store

  • Neural Writer


The neural writer believes in binary paraphrasing. The tool provides two distinctive paraphrasing modes.


Light Mode: As evident from the name, the mode believes in small word alterations. The response rate is quicker, which makes it suitable for bulk content creation.

Medium Mode: This mode believes utilizes AI in all its glory. It can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and the complete article at will. The response rate is slower but the quality of paraphrasing is off the charts.


It can translate the content into 16 different languages. This helps in attracting writers from all major regions of the world.

The tool can paraphrase 10,000 characters in one search. To generate a summary of the work, it includes a summarizing feature as well.


For users struggling with choices of mode, the essay rewriter is the ultimate solution. It offers a single paraphrasing mode. We all can agree that essay writing is the single most difficult type of writing. It tests a writer’s ability to think thoroughly and present eloquently.  


This tool specializes in essay writing. The users can choose 3 different types of writers, each applying a unique approach.


It can extract text from a word or text file. The result can also be downloaded in either format.  For 24/7 accessibility, a mobile application is also available on the play store. As a content writer, you should always use it while writing for a formal client.




This article explains the importance of paraphrasing tools for content creators. We have briefed how it helps writers in lifting their writing game. On top of that, we have presented a list of the top 5 paraphrasing tools. Based on our stated specifications, you can find the right tool for the job. 

And lastly, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts about the blog post. 


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