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Swansea University 2023 Medicine and Health Studies: Fully Funded EPSRC PHD Scholarship, UK

Written by Muhammad Aqib

Swansea University’s Faculty of Medicine hosts a world-leading research program in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry. Medicinal chemistry plays a key role in many aspects of drug research and development and offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary research. This research project, run in collaboration with Cardiff University and the Rega Institute for Medical Research (Leuven, Belgium), aims to identify and develop new antiviral agents for norovirus infections to be used as both a treatment and a prophylactic option during outbreaks. Norovirus, known as “winter vomiting”, is the number one cause of non-bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide, resulting in 699 million illnesses and 219,000 deaths annually, with enormous associated societal and health costs.

There are currently no commercial vaccines or antivirals available to prevent/stop norovirus infections, and current therapy consists only of supportive care with oral rehydration salts.

This project will use a combination of computer-aided drug design techniques (molecular modeling) and synthetic organic chemistry methods to identify and synthesize new antiviral treatments in the form of small molecule compounds targeting the norovirus NS1-2 protein and viral polymerase, which represent promising targets for the development of antiviral substances. These targets will be studied through a series of in silico analyses, which will lead to the design and synthesis of new compounds capable of interfering with the essential functions of these proteins, thereby disrupting the viral life cycle. The prepared new compounds will be internally evaluated by a series of biochemical assays and tested for their antiviral properties at the world’s leading antiviral drug discovery centers.

Modern laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment will be available to support research and offer unique training opportunities with advanced research techniques.

Outstanding candidates with experience in medicinal/organic chemistry, drug discovery, or closely related disciplines are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Salvatore Ferla (salvatore.ferla@swansea.ac.uk) to find out more about the project and the training opportunities available to them. successful candidate.

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Swansea University has been at the forefront of research and innovation since 1920. We have a long history of working with business and industry, but today our world-class research has a much wider impact on health, wealth, culture and wellbeing. our company. In recent years we have achieved an extraordinary level of success and our research activity exceeds that of many larger universities, yet this has not compromised the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that has always characterized the ‘Swansea experience’.

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