How to Use B2B Websites to Expand Your Small Businesses

Operating a business organization is not an easy job at all. In fact, it can be regarded as one of the most difficult things to do in this world. If running a business was such an easy thing to do then 90% of the startups would not have ended up failing and shutting down.

Yes, only 10% business startups are successful. This is because most entrepreneurs do not take the right decisions at the right time. Now, if you are concerned about what you should do in order to expand your small businesses then you need to comprehend that there are no accurate formulas for making your businesses successful.

See, expansion is only possible if your business is making a good profit. Now, expansion requires you to take some serious steps and you need to be extremely careful as well otherwise you can end up ruining your business as well. Rather than expanding and growing your business, you may as well end up failing. Therefore, you must go for all those options, which are already tried and tested by others and which have always provided a positive response.

Influence of B2B Websites on Your Small Businesses

If you look around and observe, you will be able to see that thanks to the latest technology, business organizations are making use of many new opportunities, which are helping them increase their overall productivity and revenues.

According to many experts, the use of b2b websites has made trading in bulk quantities much easier for business organizations across the planet. Before, moving on to the “how” let us first go over the “what”, about b2b websites. See, b2b websites such as Eworldtrade, Amazon or Alibaba are virtual platforms or market places, where business organizations from all over the world come together to trade. These websites are an amazing tool for trading organizations to search for business organizations, which are willing and interested trading with you in bulk quantities.

Furthermore, there are many benefits of using a b2b website for your small business and these benefits can surely help your business to expand.

How b2b Websites Can Help in Expanding Your Small Businesses

Here are some amazing benefits, which can help your small businesses to expand and become successful.

Access to Millions of Business Organizations

As mentioned above, b2b websites are a virtual market place, where millions of business organizations come together with the intention to trade. Now, when you register yourself or your business organization on such a platform, then you are getting access to millions of business organizations, which are willing and ready to do business. Now, once you have access to such a platform then it is only a matter of time before you find some business organization, which will do business with you as well.

It Provides You with an Amazing Level of Choice

Now, you have access to millions of business organizations, which are also looking for an opportunity to trade as well. Let’s suppose you are a buyer and you are searching for a business organization, which is selling leather goods. Now, with thousands of business organizations on this b2b platform, you have a choice to do business with the best one. See, with thousands of business organizations, which are ready to supply and sell leather goods, you simply need to understand that you can deal or trade with the business organization, which is providing you with the best quality products in the most reasonable and affordable rates. Furthermore, with an extensive list of choices or alternatives, you can not only pick the best option for you but in fact, you can make sure that you are trading on your terms as well.

Amazing Way to Create Awareness

When you are creating an account on such a platform then you can easily increase your online visibility quite effectively. Furthermore, when you create an account on such a platform, you need to provide information about your business organization. Now, when you provide information about your business organization on a platform, which provides you with increased visibility then you have the chance to create awareness about your business organization in the most effect manner. Let’s say that b2b websites are not only a platform for trading but in fact, these platforms are a really amazing tool for marketing as well.


What is a B2B?

If you are beginning to familiarize yourself with the world of electronic commerce and online marketing, it is likely that in some of your searches you have come across the term B2B, or what is the same, Business-to-Business. And no matter how much you think about this term, you can’t understand it. Things get even more complicated if we try to make sense of the word B2B in the online world. If you want to know what it means, which companies have a B2B portal, and what type of online marketing applies to a B2B, read on.

What is a B2B (Business-to-Business)

A B2B is any company that sells to other companies. This definition transferred to the world of online sales, is as simple as imagining an electronic commerce that instead of selling to the final consumer, sells to other companies or freelancers such as the Macro wholesale hypermarket, where in order to buy it is necessary to prove that you are a company or professional. The fact of selling to other companies makes it an online store with certain peculiarities. However, it has great advantages based on the fact that it is another source of income for your company. Remember not putting all your eggs in the same basket? Well, that’s what it’s all about, to continue enhancing your current sources of income and combining them with online sales. 

Advantages of a B2B online store

And once you understand the term B2B, you will wonder how a B2B online store can help your company. I would like, first of all, to clarify that it is not simply going to help your company, but that it also has great advantages for your clients. And if your customers are happy, this is reflected in the income statement. Then you will discover that all are advantages:

  1. Comfort for your client and for you. For your client, it is extremely convenient to have the catalog at any time, from wherever you want and also have the updated catalog. It will also be very comfortable for you because if you currently use a management software in your company connected to your B2B online store, you do not have to re-enter data since the information will be synchronized between your err
  2. Availability. That your customers place an order will no longer depend on a commercial, since the order can be made at the time they consider most appropriate. In this way, your sales representatives will be able to spend their time on what is really important: generating a customer base, building loyalty to current ones and solving incidents related to commercial aspects.
  3. Internationalization. From the locality where your company is located, you can sell in all those countries where you choose. You will have to study the profitability of sending your products and / or services and, to sell!
  4. Personalized website. All customers are not the same, therefore, the online store should not be the same for everyone. Today there are a wide variety of website personalization tools based on, for example, browsing history. This has enormous power when making the purchase decision because it means that the customer is constantly viewing products or categories relevant to him.
  5. Promotions by type of customer. Continuing with the previous point, if we show you products based on your interest, why not customize promotions? We can create rules to show a certain percentage of discount to a type of customer. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Online Marketing. If we personalize the website and the promotions, we will also have to personalize the message we use to connect with those clients who are so different from each other.
  7. From the first minute we launch our website, we can obtain data on everything that happens on it. The data, if we know how to analyze it, we can use it to our advantage to optimize management processes, online marketing strategies, the image of the web and even production.

Examples of Companies that Have B2B

Despite having so many advantages, the data indicates that this potential is not yet being exploited. According to Digital (Spanish Association of the Digital Economy): “57.1% of B2B companies do not sell online, although the percentage has grown by 2.9% in 2017.” However, large companies are betting on the coexistence of several lines of business. Some examples of stores that sell both to the final consumer and to other companies are: El Corte Ingles, Adidas, Nissan or Soledad Tires.

Online marketing in a B2B

The lack of knowledge about the possibilities of B2B online stores, makes companies unable to imagine marketing strategies to sell their products beyond fairs, cold-door customer acquisition or advertisements in magazines of the corresponding sector. These customer acquisition and sales channels are very good, because they are through which your company is growing. However, if you have an online store you can do many more things that will complement these strategies:

  • Content Marketing. Through a blog or simply by classifying your customers based on how close or far they are from the purchase.
  • Email marketing. Communication of new collections, sales, special promotions, collaborations or presence in the media are some of the most common email campaigns.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Organic search engine positioning is widely used in online stores aimed at the end consumer, but it is also a fundamental strategy in B2B online sales. If you have to describe your products, why not describe them also thinking about positioning in Google?
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Paid positioning is also usually a widely used channel in B2C to attract and convert traffic and above all in a faster way than with SEO. This can be fully extrapolated to B2B businesses where we can further refine the target we are targeting.
  • Marketplaces. Marketplaces are one more customer who buys from you, why not include them in your B2B online marketing strategy?


If you currently sell to other companies through the physical channel, you should not lose sight of the option of launching a B2B ecommerce and start enjoying the advantages it offers, it will also help you not to concentrate your income in a single sales channel, to diversify and start to digitally transform your company .


Understand The Different Attributes To Trademark A Business

This world is full of competition, so everyone wants to make a unique identity to maintain their brand image. Coming up with an exclusive element that helps the brand to enter the market with exciting features. A logo, symbol, and brand name are the act as the door for customers to understand the products a brand offers. To secure the key features of the business, it is important to mark them with legal registration. So, no one is able to steal your business identity, and the rival is bound to legal laws if trying to offer the same products similar to the existing business. Trademark is the simple way to protect your brand products and services in an effective pricing strategy.

With the trademark, you have a right to showcase your product with a perfect name in the market. To recognize your brand, it is essential to mark the services with an aesthetic emblem to convey your business objectives directly to the targeted leads. Moreover, it is important that everyone should be aware of the intellectual property you have because it helps others to not use the same and similar mark your business has.

If you want to get detailed information related to trademarks. Then you find relevant information in this blog.

Let’s Overview the Importance of Trademark

If you want to promote the brand in legal terms register your brand. When anyone starts a business, they automatically become the owner of the unregistered business. But without registering in official terms, a brand is not secure. An official and legal protection of businesses helps to boost their brand awareness. Trademark helps the brand to effectively communicate the products to attain life-long advantages and act as a valuable asset for a business.

Before planning to sell the products on the international level, register your brand in USPTO. It will help the business by giving them the authority to sell the products without having the chance of stealing the logo or brand name.

How Can You File the Trademark Application

The trademark application for a business required full attention when filling the form. The more relevant information you add with proper documentation, there are more chances of accepting your trademark. There are different criteria for filing the trademark registration form for a new business and existing business. Trademark service online is also available, so before writing down your details, thoroughly understand the requirements of a registration form.

Your form should be filled under the sections discussed below:

  • First, you need to add the name and address of the brand’s owner
  • Properly write the name you want to trademark
  • Any type of legal entity, you need to add
  • Clearly define the products and services of your business for protection
  • Add a description of your mark
  • A verified statement that declares the date and ensures the truth of the application submitted

A Trademark Helps to Create the Brand Loyalty

To establish the brand loyalty of your goods and services, companies are investing a lot in advertising and promotional activities to make their sales high. But without legal protection, they have limited ownership of the brand. Legal identification of the business helps you to differentiate your products and services from competitors.

Customers want to understand the business value because they want the complete information from whom they are buying the products. A trademark acts as the influencer to attach the customers with the brand. Once the customer interacts with your services, it helps to build brand loyalty.

Advantages of Trademark

Trademark your business goods and services means having a legal right to stop other businesses from using the same name and services in which you are investing. Trademark is the company’s greatest asset that helps to grow business in a significant manner. Even the trademark helps to communicate the services in visual modes.

Moreover, it helps to defend your products from ‘cyber squatter’. Their motive is to buy a domain name that incorporates your brand name and company name. The other benefit of having a registered mark, you are able to protect your goods against those who are trying to make a similar mark as yours.

Points You Need To Consider Before Making Trademark

When a business wants to create a trademark, some important points you need to keep in mind are:

  • If you misuse the IP of others, it can cause damage to your business services
  • IP is geographically appointed: you need to check the territories in which you want to do business you have a right or not
  • Before starting to sell products internationally, consider the IP issue and PR activity
  • Trademark helps to protect the company objectives, protecting the IP help companies to access the new market through licensing and franchising
  • A trademark helps to attain long-term advantages.