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4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students

4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students

Studies, and studies at the graduate level, in particular, can be quite challenging for any student, and as such a proper approach to them can often make a big difference in being successful in them in the end. No matter what you may be studying at the graduate level and at what institution you may be doing so, there is no shortage of resources, written and especially online, that can help you achieve your academic goals. This is especially true today in our modern digital era, where accessing information is as easy as the click of a button. There is of course never an easy shortcut in doing the work that is required to successfully complete your graduate studies. In addition to this, the seemingly endless abundance of resources on the internet is accompanied by an equal and dizzying abundance of distractions. Nonetheless, so long as you are responsible and strive to remain focused on your academic goals, these are just a few of the many resources out there that can help you optimize your learning process at your own pace and convenience: We have shared 4 Useful Study Tools for Graduate Students.


Quizlet is an online learning tool that allows you to store and access large amounts of relevant information in the form of flashcards and games, thereby making the learning process fun and organized. It can be used on one’s desktop or on one’s mobile phone as an app, allowing you to stay on top of the learning material at any given time. The learning content can also be shared with other students easily so that everyone can benefit and learn together.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known and free non-profit study tool for which you can select subjects of interest at your academic level and be provided with engaging and interactive courses tailored to your learning goals. In addition to having many lectures available for a large variety of subjects, Khan Academy also tracks your progress to help you on the path to reach your academic goals in no time. In addition to students, learning resources are offered to educators as well for an educational dynamic that is better integrated for both the students and their teachers.


Graduate studies tend to involve a great deal of writing in the form of term papers, essays and theses. In addition to having to write content that is up to the standard of quality graduate schools require, any sources must be cited properly and work must not be plagiarized in line with the ethical standards inherent to studies at the graduate level. In fact, plagiarism detectors are built in to most graduate student portals to ensure that work is at the very least one’s own. For this, Grammarly is a program that can really come in handy. Not only can it correct mistakes in spelling and grammar, but it can recommend better ways of phrasing otherwise grammatically correct and correctly spelled sentences. It can also check your work with that found in other sources to make sure nothing is plagiarized.

Academic Research Transcription Services

With the ascendance of computer technology in the academic field, many lectures are increasingly offered in videos recorded in real-time and study materials readily accessible in digital format. To go along with this, academic research transcription services are also available to help deliver quality and accurate transcriptions of lectures, interviews, and other forms of media so that students can focus their time and energy to learning and studying rather than relaying information or trying to decipher unclear academic content.

When it comes to undertaking studies at the graduate level, should one decide to do so, there is no single solution for everyone to succeed, nor is there any substitute to the rigor and discipline required to be successful. However, there are many apps and study tools including and similar to those listed here that can help you stay better organized and engaged during your studies. The ultimate responsibility lies with you, but the resources available to you are near endless, and so long as you know how and when to use them, and even whether or not they are suitable for your mode of study at all, you can certainly gain an edge and improve your chances of success at the graduate level. Surely there is no harm in trying.



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Useful IELTS Exam Preparation Material

Useful IELTS Exam Preparation Material

Dear Students and scholars,

Since IELTS is required for scholarship positions worldwide. We share the valuable IELTS Exam Preparation Material for international students.

We share the valuable links for IELTS preparation material for international students.

See the below list :

Cambridge IELTS Practice Tests Series (1 – 13) Student’s Book With Answers (PDF + Audio):…/

Bridge to IELTS (PDF + Audio)

A Guide to Phrasal Verbs (PDF)

Basic Synonyms – Ideal for vocabulary building (PDF)…/

Crack the IELTS’ myth (PDF)

IELTS Test Builder 1 By Sam McCarter (PDF + AUDIO)…/

IELTS Test Builder 2 (PDF + Audio) Free download…/

Exam Essentials IELTS Practice Test 1 With Key (PDF + Audio)…/

Exam Essentials IELTS Practice Test 2 With Key (PDF + Audio)…/

IELTS Recent Actual Reading test Vol 28 to 34 (PDF)…/

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS Academic Module (PDF + Audio)…/

404 Essential Tests for IELTS Academic Module(PDF + Audio)…/

Cambridge IELTS 12 General Training Student’s Book with Answers (PDF + Audio)…/


Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic with Answers (PDF + Audio)…/

Get Ready for IELTS Speaking (PDF + Audio)…/

Model Essays Band 9 by Dominic Cole (PDF)…/


Top 5 IELTS Reading tips (Academic and General)…/

IELTS Express Intermediate CourseBook (PDF+Audio)…/

IELTS Express Upper Intermediate CourseBook (PDF+Audio)…/

IELTS Sure Success 7+ Band PDF Download…/

Barron’s Essential Words For IELTS (PDF + Audio CD)…/

The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS (PDF + CD)…/

We say thanks to the Admin of the website for sharing useful material.

 Official website for the IELTS preparation material:

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7 Smartphone Applications for IELTs preparation

IELTs preparation can be as exciting as it is tedious. While looking to expand your vocabulary for the exam, you might find yourself lost in a sea of words; reading and listening to a lot, but absorbing nothing. While this can be disheartening in itself, the working people may find themselves confronting another problem – no time. Now with so many apps out there to solve your every problem, why not let them make your IELTS preparation an easy process? The following apps not only have content tailored to your needs but also have in-app quizes to make your learning stick! The portability of mobile and the fun-bite sized lessons would further make IELTS preparation a not so dreaded affair for you:

1- IELTS Full – Band 7.5+


As the name suggests, the app claims to get you to the elite band 7.5+ group, and with a wide range of IELTS material available on the app, this might just be true.

The app has 6 sections which cover everything from IELTS tips that would give you the tricks of the trade which ensure that you score high to IETLS vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will have samples (which includes samples tests, essays, and audios) for each section as well as in-app tasks to test you and measure your progress. The app comes with other features like giving you three levels in the listening section, each one consisting of 34 lessons,from which you can choose the level that you would be comfortable with and improve from there. It also has an offline feature so that you can learn on the go.

If you are looking for an all-in-one app, this app is the one!

2 – IELTs preparation Skills – Free


Much like the previous app, IELTS skills is another one-stop shop for all your IELTS prep needs. The app has four sections – Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Instead of just samples, you’ll get practice exercises and interactive tasks which would help you develop the skills needed for an IELTS exam. Each section comes with detailed examples and exercises that cover a full range of questions that you can expect from the IELTS exam. Perhaps, the most unique feature of the app, much like an IELTS guidebook, is its detailed overview of the exam which in no time will help you tackle IELTS question in every format with practiced ease.

Further, you can score yourself on the interactive ‘Can do Statement’ section to keep track of your own progress and become your own guide on the path of improvement.

3 – IELTs preparation Word Power


What can be a better app to improve your vocabulary for the IELTS test than through an app developed by the British Council itself? While you might sometimes find yourself frustrated over bugs or error codes (which while rare has been known to happen), the content of the app itself is amazing. The app has various vocabulary topics such as ‘Work and Business’, ‘Art & Culture’, ‘Mass Media’, etc and has over 100 questions to test your word power. The app can also help you to find the nearest British Council IELTS test center.

With this app, not only will you find yourself learning new words and their meanings but also the context in which they should be used, which is an integral part of the IELTS exam.

  4 – IELTS Prep App – (British Council) 

Like the previous app, IELTS Prep app has also been developed by the British Council, and while it slightly less popular than the other one, it is the perfect comprehensive solution when it comes to the IELTS exam, in fact, it is the right companion piece for the IELTS Word Power app. If you like the interface and content, even if you just download these two, you’ll find yourself sorted. The app offers a comprehensive overview of the IELTS tests, practice tests, explanation of common grammar rules and exercises along with videos of IELTS speaking interviews, useful tips with the assessment criteria explained, quizzes to test your knowledge of the test format, and much more information on IELTS related topics.

The app has other useful features such as setting a test day reminder or enabling you to  bookmark useful pages so that you can easily come back to them.

5 – IELTS Listening


IELTS Listening is especially targeted at people who are looking to improve their listening skills. The app will adapt to you as it offers you three levels, each of which consists of 34 lessons where there is one transcript and one exercise in each lesson. The app has over 700 articles about English listening with each one based on a real-world conversation. It has 100 most common phrases, 1500 most common words from basic to advance, 3500 essential English idioms and phrasal verbs. With this app, you can improve your vocabulary in various topics such as airport, bank, colors, shops etc.  Additionally, the quiz feature will help you put your newly gained knowledge to test and making it stick.

All in all, the app has over 800 lessons for IELTS English listening and has other features like the bookmark manager, download audio file, and background Audio Mode.

6 – IELTS Writing


This app has free preparation materials and resources for self-study covering the academic as well as the general training part of the writing exam. The app has lessons, practice tests with answers, letter samples, graph samples, essay samples, useful links, and even the FAQs. The app will provide you with tips and other useful information to help you prepare for your exam along with quizzes and even mock tests to solidify your knowledge. The app offers an offline feature so that you can study without distractions and a wide variety of samples from which you can pick and choose to focus on a specific section.

All the application features are absolutely free with no hidden costs.


7 –        IELTS Exam Preparation: Vocabulary Flashcards


Vocabulary is undeniably an important part of the IELTS exam, with this app you can learn the 600 most important IELTS English Vocabulary words via fun and easy flashcards that would give you full definition, example sentences and more!

Further, the app also allows you to practice by completing definitions and example sentences for each word. The flash card comes in three difficulty levels – easy, intermediate, and advanced. The algorithm of the app recognizes your strength and weaknesses and optimizes the flashcards accordingly. Further, the app uses spaced repetition which would make your learning session more effective and ensure that you not only learn new words but also remember them.


Whether you are looking to improve your listening skills or vocabulary or are looking for an all-in-one deal for IELTS, there’s definitely an app above that serves to your specific needs. With them, you are sure to improve your chances at IELTS significantly. Whether it’s a dumb cat video or a wall that suddenly becomes interesting, there can be so many distractions while you are studying. If you often find yourself studying for two hours with nothing to show for it, it’s time that you start looking for better ways and what can be more effective then an app that can help you increase your productivity. We have another blog just for that, 21 Best Productivity Apps for Students, which includes a range of apps from Time Saving Voice apps to Vocabulary Booster. They will surely help you concentrate for your IELTS as well. 

Author’s Bio

Abhyank Srinet holds a Masters in Management degree from ESCP Europe & has an engineering degree with a specialization in Instrumentation & Control. His interest in the digital landscape motivated him to create an online startup for Masters in Management application consulting (, focused on spreading quality information about the MiM degree & performing application consulting services for clients. He is the chief consultant of the company and takes care of Business Development and Digital Marketing side of the company. He is very passionate about writing and marketing.

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How to Get fully-funded Scholarships in Canada

How to Get fully-funded Scholarships in Canada

There are many people that would love to study in Canada. However, there is one thing that hinders them from studying abroad: money. So, how do you receive admissions from universities in Canada and receive scholarships? In this article, I will discuss the step-by-step process on how you can get scholarships in Canada. So, read this guide carefully and follow all these steps. If you do, you will have a much better chance of receiving a scholarship in Canada.


1. Prepare Your Application Months (or Years) in Advance

This first step is the most important step of receiving a scholarship. Why? Because you will need to have excellent application to receive a scholarship. If you have months or years of time before you are applying for scholarships, good for you. The more preparation that you have, the better the chances of your getting a scholarship. So, what parts of your application that you should focus on?



If you didn’t know already, TOEFL and IELTS are English proficiency exams. You definitely need a high score on these exams to receive a scholarship. Suggested scores are 100 on TOEFL iBT or 7 on IELTS. If you can receive a higher score on these, great! You will have a much better chance of receiving a scholarship.



While you are still at school, focus on your grades. This is probably the most critical part of your application. High GPA shows the school that you are a dedicated student who is going to put in the work after you have been accepted. So, strive to have high GPA while you are at school!


Research Experience (Graduates)

Research experience is excellent if you want to receive scholarships. If you are currently in college, ask different professors within your department to include you in his/her lab. It would be great if you can receive payment for your work, but even if you don’t receive a payment, it is still a great opportunity! So, ask your professors around and get that research experience!


2. Search for Scholarships

The next thing to do after you have prepared the critical things for your application is to search for scholarships. There are hundreds and thousands of scholarships for international students. So, where can you find them?

Here are the sources for scholarship information to consider:

Make sure to check these sources to find all the scholarships available for international students!


3. Make a Table

After you have gathered the scholarship information, it’s time for you to make a table. This table should contain the name of the university, scholarship award amount, scholarship deadline, and required materials. By organizing different scholarships into a table, you can prioritize different scholarships according to deadlines. So, find those scholarships and make a table!


4. Prepare your application

The next step is to prepare your application. Since you have made a table, you can see the required documents for each scholarship. So, start filling out the application forms and gather your required documents. Once you have finished preparing, make sure to double-check! Double-checking helps you to eliminate errors in your applications such as grammar or spelling errors in your essays. Once you have filled the application, apply!


If you follow these steps, you will have a greater chance of receiving a scholarship. I want to emphasize that step number 1 is the most important step of all of these. Your preparation for scholarships starts NOW! So, study hard, get good scores on TOEFL and IELTS, and search for research positions!


We wish you best of Luck for your bright future




Hyun Lee (Guest Administrator)