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A Very Important Message for All Pakistani Students, Looking For Graduate Scholarships_2019

A Very Important Message for All Pakistani Students, Looking For Graduate Scholarships_2019

Dear All Pakistani Brothers and Sisters,


The purpose of this message is to Promote Education in Pakistan. We are highly committed to strengthening our Nation and Country with the best possible resources and energy. We are inspired by the vision of very respectable Dr. Waqar Baig, the founder of Scholarship Network. In this regard, we hereby intend to uplift the education of Pakistani Fellows by enlightening them through some basic advice regarding application for scholarships in foreign countries.

  1. Although, there are many fellows studying and pursuing graduate studies in Europe, America and other developed nations, but getting an MS/PhD Scholarship in these countries is getting tougher, day by day.
  2. Most of the Pakistani Applicants are striving for Scholarships in the above-mentioned countries. However, its difficult to find one always, because of huge competition worldwide.
  3. It is observed that Pakistani applicants keep on applying and waiting for these scholarships, and sometimes waste a lot of precious time.
  4. If this is the case for you as well, then this message may be helpful for you.
  5. We advise all the Pakistani applicants to do not limit themselves for higher studies in Top ranked Universities. It’s excellent if one is able to grab an opportunity in top-ranked University, and in a developed country. But don’t be disappointed if this is not the case.
  6. Thus, students should consider applying for other countries and scholarships, normally not in the scene.
  7. China and South Korea are brilliant options in this regards. Both of these countries are investing a huge amount of their budgets to globalize themselves by providing quality education to international students.
  8. Both China and South Korea have Universities that offer Graduate research in almost all fields of Science and Engineering.
  9. The most important tip is here. One should not always limit himself/herself to top ranked Universities in these countries. There are 100s of universities where Professors have vacant spaces and they don’t find enough applicants to host them for Master/Ph.D studies.
  10. Thus, we encourage students to contact Professors in these Universities of China and South Korea.

Following are some important techniques and Links that may be helpful for you.

CLICK HERE to find the list of Universities in South Korea.

CLICK HERE to find the list of Universities in China.

CLICK HERE to learn how to contact a Professor.

CLICK HERE to learn how to write a Statement of Purpose.

We hope that this advice will be very helpful to you in securing scholarships, worldwide and, in China and South Korea.

We appreciate you to SHARE THIS MESSAGE in your University Groups through ourFacebook Page. This will be indeed a great service to Pakistan.

Best Wishes and Regards

Team Mulk.Pk @ Promoting Pakistan

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Fully/Partially funded International Internships in different Countries in the World

International Internships in different Countries in the World
Few things to remember while finding and getting
Always try to go for an internship abroad. As it will make you realize what is happening around the
world and how the students in other countries are studying. Moreover, it will open your mind to search
for opportunities for further studies there. It will open up your mind to work hard to reach up to the
level of foreign students abroad
1) Always google keywords such as “Internships”, “International Internships”, “International students
internship”, “paid internships for international students”, “internship opportunities for international
students”. You will find so many useful results. Just use them
2) Join many scholarship websites, groups and see their postings for internships
3) The internships, I mentioned below are just a few, more you can find by searching as said above
4) Deadlines mentioned below can be changed as some programs are not open yet, but dates have been
mentioned based on previous year’s deadlines. But previous years deadlines can change, so keep on
checking web links yourself
5) If have any confusion, find emails of concerned persons on the desired website and email them and ask.
6) Many internships are lab-based, so sometimes you need to contact professors, researchers there.
When you contact them, contact in a good way. If you need to send email, make a good email and
attach a good CV in PDF form with it.
7) You have to open the links to check if already graduated students can apply or not.
8) You have to open the links to check what year students can apply for it. Such as the first year, the second
year, final year etc.
7) All of the internships mentioned below are mostly fully funded
Now, I am giving a list of few possible internships in few countries. This is just a few. There are a lot on
google. Find the best one for you here or there
Bachelor & Master Degree students, I have made a list of few summer internships around the world. Most of them are fully funded and a few are partially funded. Apply for them now.
I have also given tips in a file on how to apply for internships.
Do check the links of internships in a file that is visible in the picture.
Some Internships are for Ph.D. students as well
** For multiple fields, you have to open and check the fields in the file given below
** Already graduated students can also check the links as some internships also take already graduated students

International Internships around the World


Waqar baig